Conquer blocks.
Build your kingdom.
Earn your keep.

Join Game of Blocks and claim your territory. Compete now in the Mini-Game to earn the limited Genesis Lands NFTs!

Compete now in the Mini-Game!

Gather GOLD and MANA to craft buildings and launch an attack on other Land Lords. The more you battle, the higher your rank will rise – and the greater the chance to claim more Genesis Lands for your kingdom!


The Game of Blocks Lands

3,200 unique Genesis Land blocks showcasing five lush biomes: Earth, Metal, Wood, Arcane, and Water. Each land is a one-of-a-kind NFT waiting for someone to claim!


  • 1.

    Genesis Block

    February 2018

    The beta of Game of Blocks was launched in February 2018 around the same date Axie actually released it's first collection! Here is the original medium article released back then.

  • 2.

    Announcing the All-New Game of Blocks

    August 2021

    By the end of August 2021 the new version of Game Blocks was released. In order to join the community you had to find your VIP code in order to access our NFT Collection giveaway.

    Few weeks after relaunching Game of Blocks in September we listened to our community and they told us: we want more than an NFT Collection. In fact, 88% was looking for Game of Blocks to be a play-to-earn game.

    Between September and October 2021 our community went through many quests, mini-games and weekly events in order to get access to the Graal : The Land Pass.

    The Land Pass would give access to any of his holders the capacity to claim a Game of Blocks Land that will later give you access to the game and many other surprise..

  • 3.

    Early community Land Mint Event

    November 2021

    This event last 3 days and start on Friday 12th November (10pm CET) until Monday 15th November (10pm CET). During this period all the Land Pass, NFM ticket and Meebit Dao member will be able to mint their land randomly on chain and discover few days later its rarity, scarcity, and traits.

  • 4.

    Play & Enjoy our first Mini-Game!

    January 2022

    By the end of the year we are going to release a first mini-game version of Game of Blocks! Everyone will be able to join the game, craft buildings and attacks, wage war on other kingdoms, and claim territory for their own. Lands will be distributed through the game as a reward.

  • 5.

    Land Genesis Holders compete for ETH in the Mini-Game

    Mid Q4 2022

    The ETH gathered on the secondary market during the first launching phase are going to be set as a cash prize in the Mini-Game.

    Only Land Genesis Holders will be able to compete for ETH rewards.

  • 6.

    Heroes Collection Release

    Late Q4 2022

    Your Lord will be the face of your kingdom and allow you to express your playstyle in Game of Blocks.

  • 7.

    Alpha Game

    S1 2022

    The public gameplay reveal will arrive and with it all the news related to the ecosystem that we are going to build around Game of Blocks.

    Only Land & Heroes Holders will have access to it.

  • 8.

    Beta Game

    Q3 2022

    Last version before the public release. Our ecosystem will include: Lands and Lords NFT Collection, Token, Marketplace, and the expanded Gameplay.

    Only Land & Hero Holders will have access to the rewards.

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